Computer Keeper System Technology, LLC

Our main focus at CKS Technology, LLC is on providing current and legacy technology solutions . We provide Realtime Stock ,hardware, software, service,recycling and maintenance solutions to our customers using our extensive knowledge of over 20+ years in the business. 

CKS Technology, LLC specializes in new, used and refurbished Servers/PC's/Laptops/Ipad Repairs/Computer Hardware equipment by providing parts, modules, and server systems to Resellers/Brokers & End-Users with products from high quality brands like:



We understand that time is a crucial factor & affects both your business and the end-users. 99.9% of our products are shipped same day & fully tested to ensure you are getting working product.  CKS also offers *BLIND* drop ship. NEVER compromising your customers' relations. We offer and stand by cost-efficient and time-sensitive solutions to ease our customers through purchasing their I.T. Equipment.

Contact your Sales Rep. for the best pricing. If used or refurbished products are an option, the savings can be dramatic and we provide a warranty on all of our used products. Whether it is in planning, financing, purchasing, installation, maintenance or end-of-life recycling, we are there to help solve whatever problems you have within your technology lifecycle. Our job is to save you time and money. Let us do our job for you so you can have more time to take care of your customers.

CKS Technology, LLC. maintains a large Realtime inventory of complete units & parts almost always available for immediate shipment.